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Tips On Keeping Your Drains From Clogging

Keep Your Drains From CloggingThere is not much more frustrating than dealing with a clogged plumbing drain. Even the smallest clog can be annoying, especially during times such as when you are trying to take a clean shower. The water builds up and keeps rising up your ankles, but you are trying to get clean and don’t want that dirty water swirling around under (and over) foot.

Most of us have experienced worse scenarios including the backup of sewage waters.

When a drain gets partially clogged, it can be pretty difficult to clean it out. If it gets unmanageable for you, give us a call here at Morrison Plumbing. We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services.

Until then, we’ve gathered a few tips together for you to keep your drains clean so you don’t have to deal with the very unpleasant situation of having clogged plumbing drains.

You use all of your appliances almost on a daily basis, and most of the time without issue. Do you also think about properly cleaning your drains and lint catchers or debris filters as often as needed?

1. Check Your Dishwasher Filter

Most people don’t realize that dishwashers normally contain a debris catching filter either at the bottom tray or in the door.

2. Check the Disposal

Another area often neglected is the disposal. If there is grease buildup in your disposal, it will cause problems with proper water drainage. The grease spreads and can clump other debris together to form a clog.

Use ice cubes to clean the drain. Just pour some in and chop them up. Then add some baking soda and a little dishwashing liquid and add more ice, chop it all up. Using lemon or another fruit can help make it smell great and the acid in the fruit juices help to clean.

3. Check your pipes connected to your appliances as well.

Take your washing machine for example. The drain pipes connected to it are probably not as clean as you might think. One of the most serious infestations that you might find there is black mold which is a grave health hazard.

And it is not just the molds that you should be worrying about. There are also mildew, germs, and bacteria that each can cause illness to your family.

4. Never, ever pour anything greasy down the drain.

Always be sure to dispose of used grease properly. We recommend keeping a coffee can or other can with lid available to hold grease. When it is full, simply throw it away or use it alternatively however you want.

5. Never put potato peels down the drain.

Potato peels tend to be too heavy to effectively travel down the drain. They are also full of starch, so when chopped up they become quite gluey. They can cause a huge clog if there is other debris in your piping, such as hair.

You can just imagine all the types of waste that go through our home’s drainage system. It is no wonder that the common plumbing problem is blocked drains, mostly because people keep on throwing almost anything down their drains.

That should never be the case. All the trash and waste will eventually build up in the plumbing and will cause various foul smells.

Worse than foul smells is having whatever is down the drain come out and onto you and your family or your belongings.

Other than trying not to do things that will clog your drains, we recommend that you have a plumbing check-up done. If there are any signs of mold, foul smells, or other things you can’t get rid of in your piping, we can handle it.

When you need help, remember we are only a phone call away. Call us today and we can be there to help you when you need your drains clean!

If you’re looking for a plumbing contractor in Belleville, call Morrison Plumbing at (618) 408-1446 , or fill out our online request form.

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