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Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Repaired or Replaced?

AC Repair Belleville Illinois
During the summer months, you need your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable, and you need to know that it’s efficient so that you’re not overpaying for your energy costs. If your air conditioner isn’t providing your home with the comfort that you need, or if your energy costs have risen recently, you may need AC repair. However, eventually, repairs won’t be able to get the job done, and you will have to have your air conditioner replaced.

There are a number of signs that you should look at for to let you know that a replacement will be necessary. When you hire the professional Belleville HVAC contractors at Morrison Plumbing for air conditioner repairs, we’ll be able to let you know when and if a replacement AC would be a better idea.

Look out for these signs that it’s time to have your air conditioner replaced:

Your AC is More Than 10 Years Old

Most air conditioners will last for around 15-20 years. However, after around 10 years, you should start paying closer attention to your Belleville home’s air conditioning unit, as it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace it soon. If it’s more than 10 years old, you may also want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient unit.

You Frequently Need AC Repair services

At a certain point, having your conditioner repaired repeatedly becomes more costly than having it repaired. And if the repairs aren’t bringing your energy costs back down, then it’s definitely time to have the unit replaced.

Some Rooms In Your Home Are Too Hot or Too Cold

Often, this problem is caused by improper equipment operation, inadequate insulation, or duct problems. Sometimes, repairs can solve these problems, but in many cases, replacing your Belleville home’s air conditioning unit can be more beneficial in the long-run.

Your Cooling System Is Noisy

AC noises are often caused by problems with their coils. Our Belleville HVAC contractors will inspect your system and let you know if these noises point to problems that mean you should replace your air conditioner.

Your Home Has Humidity Problems

Often, problems with humidity in the home are caused by the air conditioning system, and replacing it can balance the humidity levels. Whether the equipment isn’t functioning properly, you have leaky ducts, or you need a brand new system, our professionals will be able to tackle the job.

If you’re looking for air conditioner repairs or replacements in Belleville, call Morrison Plumbing at (618) 408-1446 , or fill out our online request form.

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