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4 Questions about Your Clogged Plumbing System: Answered

Why is there water in your tub?plumbing system O'Fallon Illinois

Does water back up into your bathtub or shower? Do you notice a foul smell when you flush your toilet? When it comes to your plumbing system, it’s tough to know exactly what’s causing your problems. For those with sewer systems, this could mean that there’s a clog somewhere in your pipes. Some problems may require professional plumbing repairs, while others you can handle on your own. Here’s some helpful information on what’s causing this problem and how you can get it fixed, either by yourself or a local plumber in the O’Fallon, IL area!

What Type of Plumbing System do I have?

There are two main types of plumbing systems; septic systems and sewer systems. In a septic system, wastewater is emptied into a tank and filtered into a drain field. In a sewer system, the wastewater leaves the home through a series of pipes that carries it to a treatment facility. Overall, water will enter a home or structure from the main community water line, which runs throughout the home using a system of pipes. Likewise, wastewater leaves through its own main drain line. What comes in must go out.

So, Why is My Tub Full of Water?

The reason you have a water backup in your tub has to do with how your plumbing system is constructed. Clogs are a fact of life, they just happen. Many times, these clogs cause water backups in bathrooms and kitchens depending on where the clog occurs. Additionally, when part of the home’s drainage line is clogged, the water will back up into the lowest drain. Many times, the shower or tub drain is the lowest drain. Depending on the placement and severity of the clog, you made need sewer line repair. A more severe problem could be a broken sewer line and will require complete sewer liner replacement from an emergency plumber.

What are Common Clogs?

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It’s not just water that goes down the drain. While you may not notice it, many things end up traveling through your pipes, and that causes problems for your entire system. Common sewer line clogs include:

  • Hair
  • Grease Buildup
  • Waste Buildup
  • Sanitary Products (tampons, menstrual pads, condoms, sanitary wipes, facial tissue, etc.)
  • Foreign Objects (you’d be surprised what people flush)

It’s best practice to never flush anything but wastewater and toilet paper. This helps avoid clogged toilet repair.

How Do I Clear It?

You can clear a simple clog yourself with a plunger or drain auger. Just follow the directions for a sewer line clog here. However, use caution when performing your own sewer repair. One wrong move could mean a busted pipe or major backup that will cost an arm and a leg to repair.

When should I Call a Professional?

There’s no shame in counting on your local plumbing company to ensure the repairs get done right. If you have any problem finding the clog at all, it’s best not to go any further. As stated before, any wrong move could cost big bucks in repairs. Luckily, Morrison offers repairs for any plumbing system and 24-hour service to provide fast repairs all over the Metro East.

Call Morrison for plumbing wherever you are in the Metro East including the entire O’Fallon, IL area.

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