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Tips for Tackling Toilet Repair in Glen Carbon, IL

Glen Carbon, IL Toilet Repair Tips for DIY Plumberstoilet repair Glen Carbon Illinois

Is your toilet running? Well, you better go catch it! Seriously though, the toilet at your Glen Carbon, IL home or business that constantly runs could be costing you a fortune in wasted water. Think of it like this: every second that you let the water run, you’re being charged for it. Do I have your attention now?  Luckily for you, problems with running toilets are, usually, relatively simple. However, it will require a working knowledge of toilets and their components. If the job is over your head, it’s better to call the professional plumbers and let them do what they do best. While it may cost a bit more, you’ll know the job was done right by a licensed pro. For the ambitious homeowners in the Glen Carbon, IL area, here are a few tips about DIY toilet repair to take into account!

Flapper Problems

Flapper problems are the source of many toilet repair jobs, and this component of your toilet could affect things in multiple ways. First of all, the flapper is the rubber seal at the bottom of the toilet tank that drains water from the tank to the bowl. Additionally, there could be a number of things keeping that drain from being sealed.

  1. The flapper could be warped, damaged, or even not closing due to mineral build up.
  2. A chain that is too short will prevent the flapper from closing at all.
  3. A chain that is too long may get stuck underneath, also not be allowing the flapper to close.

Fill Valve Problems

Another issue that may be causing a running toilet has to do with the fill valve – the valve that regulates the level of water in the tank. First, check to see if the fill valve is too high; forcing water to constantly flow through the overflow valve. If this is too high, adjust the height of the valve to control the level of the water. The valve should be set to 1” – 1.5” below the overflow valve.

If lowering the water level doesn’t help, it’s likely a bad fill valve that needs to be replaced. Fill valves can be found at hardware or plumbing supply stores and can be a DIY project. Just remember to turn off the water and drain the tank before starting any valve replacement project.

When to Call a Professional

Above all else, you don’t want to make a drastic mistake that brings more repairs. If you’re truly out of your element, it’s a much better option to call a professional like Morrison from the start. With friendly, trained professionals they can be on-site fast and have your toilet repair service completed in no time!

Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides service in Glen Carbon, Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas.

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