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Why Hire a Licensed, Local Plumber in Belleville, IL?

Is Your Local Plumber Licensed to work in Belleville, IL?

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When it comes to your plumbing system, repairs and maintenance can be complicated and dangerous jobs. Additionally, attempting DIY plumbing repairs could bring the local plumber out for more expensive service. From installation of new appliances to repairs for burst pipes in the winter, it’s good to know a licensed, local plumber that knows how to solve any of your problems. Furthermore, when it comes to hiring a plumber, who you choose is important to the quality of work you receive. It’s always a good idea to find a local plumber that’s fully licensed, bonded and insured to ensure the best possible service at your home or business. Hire a professional plumbing company in your home to see these benefits…

Licensed Plumbers

Smart homeowners only hire licensed professionals to work in their homes. Additionally, a plumbing license guarantees that your plumber meets the state criteria. While these things may vary from state to state, a plumber must do the following to obtain a plumbing license:

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • Complete Prerequisite Training
  • Pass a Licensing Exam
  • Provide Proof of Commercial Insurance

Make sure you ask your plumber for proof of licensure!

Commercial Plumbing Insurance

You never know what you’ll get when someone comes to work inside your home. A plumber with full insurance means that the plumber, the company, you, your home and your family are covered in the event that something goes wrong while repairs are being made.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond covers things that a commercial insurance policy might not include poor work, items stolen by employees, and more. A fully bonded plumbing company ensures the protection of your home and your belongings if something goes wrong.

Code Violation Correction

All states and municipalities set forth certain codes to follow when building commercial or residential structures. In fact, your local plumber should know these codes and correct any violations they see. Failing to abide by the codes may render your home unsafe or even void an insurance policy.

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