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The Sounds of Columbia, IL Furnace Service

Listen for These Sounds & Call a Columbia, IL Professional for Furnace Service

Do you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, but can’t tell if there’s a problem? Well, if you’re noticing sounds coming from your furnace, chances are that it’s significant and denotes some sort of problem that needs to be fixed fast. Whether it’s an extreme buildup of dust or something has broken, be sure you listen for strange sounds and call your local heating contractor for furnace service that keeps your system running throughout the cold Columbia, IL winter. Contact a professional heating repair company if your furnace makes any of the following noises…

Loud Bang/Pop

Noticing a loud boom, bang or pop when the furnace turns off/on could be a sign that something is seriously long. When the unit turns on and off, you’ll notice the difference, but you shouldn’t be taking cover because of the noise your furnace is making. Many times, this bang has to do with dirty burners that delay the ignition of your system. Call a pro right away as this bang could end up cracking or damaging the components of your furnace!

High-Pitched Squealing/Whining

The problem here could be multiple things. However, you’ll want to call a professional heating repair man to be sure what the problem is and that it gets fixed. High-pitched squealing can be caused by loose or damaged blower belts or by a faulty blower motor. Also, you may be hearing these noises because parts of the furnace are poorly lubricated and have become dried out.

Metal Scraping

Metal scraping against metal is never a good sign and should be treated seriously when you notice it. In fact, you should shut off your furnace and call your local heating contractor right away to diagnose the problem. Common causes of this noise include a loose blower fan, broke blower fan, or problems with the housing for the blower fan.

Thumping or Rumbling

These sounds may be telling you that your furnace hasn’t been properly maintained. This may be caused by dust that has built up on components of your system and it’s making the furnace work harder to produce warm air. Likewise, it’s not always a new filter that can fix this problem. If your gas burners or heating coils are dusty, you’ll need a professional for furnace service!


If your furnace is making a rattling noise, you may have a serious or routine problem on your hands. The rattling noise may just be coming from a loose screw or fastening. However, it may also be telling you about a serious problem with your heat exchanger. If tightening the screws on your panel doesn’t work, call the HVAC repairman for the furnace service you need!

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