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The High Cost of Hard Water in Fairview Heights, IL

Know the Drawbacks of Hard Water at Your Fairview Heights Home or Business

Do you have a hard time getting dishes totally clean? Notice weird flavor in your morning coffee? Hard water could be the cause of multiple problems in your home or business. While hard water won’t necessarily hurt you, it can have some adverse effects on some things inside your home. Water softeners, purifiers, and other appliances remove minerals from the water, but they can cost a pretty penny to have it installed. So what does it actually cost to continue with hard water?

Plumbing Repairs

The minerals in hard water, many times, build up on the inside of pipes and other plumbing fixtures. This can block water flow and even cause a full-on clog and busted pipes. You’ll have to call a professional plumber to fix this, and it could end up costing you big.

Energy Costs

That hard water that’s circulating through your home could also cause your energy bills to rise to unacceptable levels. The buildup of minerals inside your water heater makes the water heater work harder, and use more energy, to heat the water for your bath, dishes, etc. The more buildup, the more you pay in energy costs.

Fabulous Hair & Skin

Another thing you’ll put in jeopardy with hard water is the lusciousness of your hair and skin. The excess minerals can leave hair looking flat and undesirable and leaves skin dry and cracking. This means you’ll be spending more on conditioner and lotion.

Clean Dishessoft water Fairview Heights Illinois

Keeping hard water also affects the cleanliness of your dishes. While you’re not in danger because of the hard water, it will coat your clean dishes with white spots and a filmy coating due to mineral buildup.

Clean Clothing

You shouldn’t actually be making your clothing dirtier when you throw it in the washer. However, that may be just what you’re doing with a hard water supply – mineral buildup can fade colors and make whites dingy.

Delicious Beverages

Does your morning coffee taste funny? Is your afternoon tea party tainted? Minerals in your water could be hurting the flavor of your morning cup a’ joe. Installing a water softener could restore the flavor for a more pleasant morning!

Hard water problems? Call Morrison Plumbing to hear about all your options. With 24-hour emergency service and knowledgeable technicians, make the right call for all your plumbing needs!

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