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Which Toilet Replacement Parts are Collinsville DIY Projects?

Which Toilet Replacement Parts are Collinsville DIY Projects?toilet replacement parts collinsville il

Broken toilets are never ideal. However, they’re even less ideal when you’re expecting company. Also, it can be a pain to have to call a plumber every time you need toilet replacement parts installed. If you truly have no idea what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the job to the local plumber to ensure it gets done right. Furthermore, you can save time and money by replacing parts yourself, if your skill set allows it. But how do you know which ones can be replaced DIY and which repairs need a pro? Here’s a breakdown of the parts of your toilets that could break down, and how to go about fixing them.

Fill Valves

This part of the toilet is responsible for refilling the tank after it’s been flushed. Additionally, the most common types of valves include float valves and cup valves. Also, this part is relatively inexpensive, but you’ll need to know what type of valve you have to ensure proper replacement. This repair could easily be a DIY project. However, call a professional if you have trouble – it could save you repair costs down the road.

Flush Valvestoilet repair collinsville il

This valve is responsible for disposing of the water in your tank.  This is another repair that’s, both, cheap and can be done by yourself. However, you’ll need to find a part that’s compatible with your toilet, which could be a task if you have an older model. Talk to a local plumber to help if you’re lost.


This is part of the flush valves and, many times, is the cause of the problems when you have a toilet that won’t stop running. This is another cheap part – it comes with directions, and you should be able to install this part by yourself.

Flush Levers

This is the toilet handle that you press to start the process of flushing the toilet. Many times, the chain that connects that lever to the flush valve breaks. If it’s not detachable, a replacement handle is your only option. But, don’t worry, this inexpensive part can be replaced no problem.

Water Supply Connectorsnew toilets collinsville il

This is the water line that connects your toilet to the drainage system in your home or business. A broken water supply connector could cause a plumbing disaster if not taken care of immediately. This is best left to the professionals to ensure it gets done correctly.

Toilet Seals

This part of the toilet connects it to the floor and can be difficult to replace. It involves unbolting the toilet from the floor and could be a complex job. Best to contact a local plumber for this one – just in case!

Whether you’re doing your own repairs or calling a professional, make sure you always shut off the water to your toilet before doing any repairs. Forgetting this little step could cause a major flooding problem – and then, you’ll have no choice but to call the local plumbers!

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