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Common Columbia, IL Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems to Expect in Columbia, IL

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Whether it’s a clogged pipe or lack of hot water, plumbing problems at your home or business are never fun.  And, while they may not be fun, they are inevitable. The plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures at your home are complicated and require repairs from a professional plumber to ensure the job gets done right. Be on the lookout for these common plumbing problems and contact your local plumbing company to ensure the fast repairs that you need!

Clogged Drains

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or some other room, all drains have the potential for clogs depending on what you’re putting down them. Drain clogs are the most common in the bathroom or kitchen and may be caused by soap, waste, food waste, and other materials that get lodged or buildup in your plumbing system. You may be able to remove clogs yourself via a plunger or drain auger. However, if you can’t find the clog, it’s best to call a pro!

Leaking Faucets

Not only could a leaking faucet being completely annoying, but they could also be costing you extra on your water bill. Yes, even the smallest, slowest leak can make a big difference. Typically, a broken washer or o-ring on the faucet itself causes the problem and is an easy DIY repair. However, you may need professional help if you can’t figure out how to install your new faucets.

Leaking Pipes

The pipes at your home or business are not made to last forever. While they should last for a good long while, over time, corrosion, pipe clogs and other obstructions could damage them and even cause them to be breached. You’ll notice this when you find water stains on walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, these are not DIY repairs, and you’ll need a licensed plumber to help you out.

Loss of Hot Water

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Everybody knows the feeling; you expect to jump into a toasty warm shower and only encounter a spray of frozen water. It may just be the pilot light, which is something you can fix yourself. However, if you can’t get it lit or it’s already lit, and the water is still cold, that’s your cue to find a local plumbing company with the expert techs you need!

Trashed Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal problems are fairly common; repair them yourself with the right knowledge and instruction (make sure you unplug it, first!). However, let the pros handle complex repairs and new installations.

Running Toilets

The flushing mechanisms in toilets are fairly simple, which makes it easy to replace individual parts when your toilet keeps running. However, if you can’t figure out the cause of your running toilet, it’s best to leave it to the pros, unless you’d like to be completely replacing your toilet when faulty repairs flush your chances of saving it.

DIY repairs are tempting, but exercise caution and don’t get in over your head. If you do run into an emergency, there’s Morrison Plumbing for 24-hour service that offers the fast repairs you need!

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