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What to do if your Granite City, IL garbage disposal is clogged

A garbage disposal is one of the kitchen’s most underrated appliances, making it easy to dispose of food scraps without contributing to landfills or going through a long, and sometimes smelly, composting process. They provide so much utility in the kitchen; it sometimes seems as though they’re miracle appliances. But how do they work, and what happens when yours stops working? Read on for more about how they work and how to fix them!

How do they work?clogged drain granite city il

Garbage disposals work by chopping up food waste into particles small enough to travel through ordinary drainage pipes. While they require little maintenance, they can still fall prey to a handful of common disposal problems that occur as a result of misuse, such as a clogged drain.

There are several reasons you may experience a clogged drain. Certain food items, like eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana and potato peels, react poorly when sent through the garbage disposal. The waste from food can build up in your pipes, eventually causing a clog. Also,  can form if inadequate water is run through the disposal at the time of use.

Unclog your drain with these tips!

In order to unclog a garbage disposal, there are a few steps you can try at home, but it may be necessary to call in a professional to ensure the job is done right. Morrison Plumbing, serving the Granite City area of Illinois, will have your garbage disposal working perfectly after a clogged drain.

Follow these steps to fix a clogged drain:garbage disposal granite city il

1) Turn off power to the garbage disposal at the breaker.

2) Place a bucket under your disposal’s drain trap in order to catch any water or debris that may come out.

3) Disconnect the fittings on the drain trap and remove the trap. Watch out for any water that may spill out!

4) Check for any clogs or fittings in the drain trap. Use a small brush to remove them.

5) Reassemble the drain trap.

6) Run water down the garbage disposal for several minutes in order to flush away any loose debris.

If the clog does not appear to be in the drain trap, it may be in the pipes or even in the motor. If you are unable to clear your garbage disposal by yourself, visit to schedule an appointment for garbage disposal repair.

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