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Don’t use chemical drain cleaners in Caseyville, IL

If you’ve got a clogged drain, you’ll want it cleared fast. But attempting to do it yourself by pouring a bottle of drain cleaner into your pipes can cause more harm than good. Drain cleaning products can seem like a bargain, but you want to avoid them at all costs. These are not the easy, quick-fix solution for clogged sinks or showers that they claim to be.

Here are four reasons you should never rely on chemical drain cleanersdrain cleaners caseyville il

1. Drain cleaners are bad for the earth

The chemicals found in drain cleaners are bad for the environment. Leftover residue flows into landfills and even enters the water, poisoning wildlife and fish.

2. Chemical drain cleaners are toxic

The chemicals used in commercial drain cleaning products, especially the off-brand and bargain kinds, contain high levels of toxicity. The fumes aren’t safe to breathe and will irritate and sting your eyes and nose. These fumes linger around whatever drain they were used to clean, long after they were first poured.

3. Damaging to pipes

The chemicals in these drain cleaners that are meant to clean your pipes can actually damage them. The primary chemical found in commercial drain cleaners is hydrochloric acid, which will eat away the enamel and other finishes on the fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen and can corrode pipes.

4. Chemical drain cleaners may not even be effectivedrain cleaning caseyville il

Depending on the cause of the backup or clog, these chemical cleaners might be completely useless. If you experience a backup caused by a broken pipe or an invasion of tree roots, all the chemicals in the world won’t fix it.

So, what should you do the next time your drain clogs up? Your best bet is to leave it up to the professional, local drain cleaners at Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Caseyville, IL.

Our friendly, local plumbers are available round the clock to help you with any plumbing problems you may experiences. Our experienced staff can use a drain auger or perform a video sewer inspection if needed and get to the root of the problem once and for all. Don’t waste time and money on chemical cleaners – call Morrison Plumbing today!

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