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5 Tips for Belleville, IL water heater maintenance

There are several ways you can extend the life of your water heater and keep it in the best possible condition. Following these water heater maintenance tips each year can help you achieve lower energy bills, longer tank life expectancy, and fewer water leaks.

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1. Clear the space around your water heater

A gas unit requires a decent supply of oxygen in order to burn the gas. If the heater can’t get enough oxygen, it can reduce the efficiency of the heater as well as damage the burner chamber and other parts. It could even result in carbon monoxide leaks.

2. Know the make and model of your heater

Write down the water heater make and model, and any accompanying serial or ID numbers. This is vital for warranty purposes and usually one of the first questions a plumber will ask when water heater maintenance is needed.

3. Know how to shut off the water

You should know how to shut off the water and gas to your unit in case of an emergency or leak. There should be a disconnect switch or a gas valve in close proximity to the unit. You should also know which breaker is used for the water heater or where your main gas shut-off valve is.

4. Flush or drain your water heater

Drain a few gallons out into a bucket using the drain valve at least once a year. If you spot a lot of debris, then a full flush is suggested. For a full flush, completely drain the tank to flush out any sediment before allowing it to refill.

5. Complete regular water heater maintenancewater heater maintenance belleville il

Inspect for any leaks or measurable corrosion on the pipes and valves. For gas units, inspect the draft hood and ensure that it is properly placed, with a couple of inches of air between where it attaches to the vent and the tank. Look out for any wear or corrosion on the gas line and piping. Check the thermostat and gas chamber, which is located below the thermostat.

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