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When to replace your sump pump in Fairview Heights, IL

Even though a sump pump is not included in the main plumbing system, it is a much-needed essential component for many households. The job of the sump pump is to remove stormwater from underneath a house to prevent flooding. Many homeowners don’t bother to check on or maintain their sump pumps until there is a major breakdown because it’s way out of sight and mind in the basement. Continue reading to learn when you might have cause to replace your sump pump.sump pump fairview heights il

Avoiding a flood at all costs

One of the worst things that could ever happen to your home is a flood. Flood water can cause rot, mildew, and mold if left to sit for a long period of time. Even standing water that is only there for a short period can destroy your wood floors and upholstery. That’s what makes your sump pump so important; it works nonstop to remove any water before it can seep into your home. The sump is a pit in the basement whose purpose is to collect water from outside drains. The pump sucks up the water in this pit and sends it back outside, far away from the home’s foundation.

If you want to prevent having to unexpectedly replace a sump pump in an emergency, look for the following signs that you need a new one:

Strange/Alarming Sounds

Know the sound that your sump pump makes when water begins to collect in the sump. If there is a significant change in the noise coming from the motor, it could mean the pump is experiencing problems. If you can see water in the sump but hear nothing at all, your pump may have died completely.

Physical Signs of Damagesump pump repair fairview heights il

If water is flooding into your basement or is allowed to reach the top of your sump, you need help.


A sump pump that is more than 10 years old is a top candidate for replacement. Don’t go buy a new pump just for the sake of replacing an aging pump. However, monitor it closely and be prepared to buy a new one in the event that it breaks down.

Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Fairview Heights, IL, is a fully bonded, licensed and insured plumbers in Illinois and can help you repair or replace your sump pump at the first sign of trouble. Whether it’s a sump pump installation or any other plumbing issue, your local plumbers at Morrison Plumbing are only a call away. Don’t wait until your house is flooded, give Morrison Plumbing a call today.

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