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Best water heater maintenance practices in Edwardsville, IL

water heater maintenance edwardsville ilA busted water heater can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, in addition to causing you much frustration and stress. Some water heater maintenance steps are simple, and you may be comfortable performing this maintenance for your water heater. However, if you are not comfortable working with gas or electric water heaters, we encourage you to contact our Edwardsville, IL plumbing contractors for assistance. Three simple water heater maintenance tips you might want to tackle are:



Drain your water heater

At least once a year, it is a good idea to drain a few gallons of water from your water heater. You can use a bucket to hold the water or attach a water hose to the drain valve. If you use a hose, make sure you drain the water to a safe location because hot water can damage landscaping. If you notice debris or sediment in the water, we recommend contacting our company to discuss a full flush of your water heater. Debris and sediment buildup can shorten the life of your water heater.

Check the pilot light for gas water heaters

water heaters edwardsville il

Many homeowners do not bother to check the pilot light for their water heater unless there is a problem. However, you should regularly check the pilot light to ensure it is burning with a blue and steady flame. Anything other than a blue, steady flame can indicate a problem with your gas line or water heater. Contact our Edwardsville, IL water heater professionals to discuss probable causes and solutions.

Test the T & P valve

The T & P (temperature and pressure) valve is an extremely important safety feature on your water heater. It is important that the T & P valve is working correctly to prevent excessive and dangerous pressure from building up in your water heater. If the T&P valve is not working properly, the water heater could explode. You need to perform a test at least once a year to ensure the valve is working properly.

To test the valve, put a container under the discharge tube connected to the T&P valve to catch the hot water. Carefully, lift the lever on the valve to release hot water through the discharge tube. After a few seconds, release the lever. The lever should snap back into place, stopping the flow of water. If you notice any leaks after the test or the valve does not open to release water, you need to replace the valve immediately.  Don’t perform this repair if you’re not comfortable with the components of your water heater – call a professional to ensure it gets done right!

If you need water heater maintenance, call Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air. In fact, we provide fast and reliable service for companies and residences throughout Edwardsville, IL.

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