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Tips for a clean air conditioning unit in O’Fallon, IL

Dirt is one of your air conditioning unit’s most formidable enemies; it reduces its lifespan, takes a toll on its energy efficiency, and creates the need for repairs. Keeping you’re a/c unit clean means it runs at peak performance, even through O’Fallon, Illinois’ hottest summer days. When the temp continues to rise this summer, you’ll be glad your system is well-maintained and ready to handle the excess heat. Ensure your home has a clean air conditioning unit with these simple steps.

Changing the air conditioning unit filter

Fortunately, the most important maintenance task for keeping your air conditioning unit clean is also the simplest. Unfortunately, too many homeowners fail to recognize the importance of such maintenance, and they completely neglect it.

That task, of course, is to regularly change the filter. Clogged, dirty filters prohibit normal airflow, causing your unit to work harder and wear out more quickly. Additionally, when normal airflow is obstructed, it can cause dirt to find its way directly into the evaporator coil. This will prevent the coil from absorbing heat the way that it should. Simply replacing the filter can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 15 percent.

Turn the unit off when mowing

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As your mow, dirt and grass clippings fly through the air. These clippings can be sucked into the exterior coil of your outside a/c unit. This will take a toll on your unit’s efficiency or even cause it to cut off altogether. When you’re mowing, be sure to angle the mower away from your outdoor unit and turn your thermostat to the “off” setting until you have completed the job.

Keep drain channels cleared

Clogged drain channels can keep your a/c unit from removing moisture from the air, resulting in high humidity levels inside your home. To prevent this, occasionally clear the drain channels by passing a stiff wire through them, but remember to turn the unit off before attempting any DIY maintenance.

Schedule regular air conditioning tune-ups

Annual a/c tune-ups are essential for keeping your air conditioner clean and in top-notch condition. Professional HVAC contractors, such as Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, can ensure that your unit is in good working order and ready for the hot summer months.

To learn more about air conditioner maintenance or to schedule your tune-up, give Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call or use our online booking tool to set up your appointment.

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