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What is an AC condensate drain, and how does it get clogged?

ac condensate drain columbia ilYour AC has a lot of working parts, and one little problem could jeopardize the whole unit. Regardless of the problem, call for repairs right away before a small problem becomes a much bigger one. The most common air conditioner problem is a clogged condensate drain, and it’s easy to prevent. If you have a clogged condensate, here’s everything you need to know to tackle the problem.


What’s a Condensate Drain?

 In the process of producing cool air, your AC pulls moisture from the air. Moisture collects in the drain pain before leaving through the condensate drain. If the drain line is blocked, the water will remain in the drain pan and eventually lead to damage, mold, or overflow.


Signs of a Clog

 If your AC condensate drain is clogged, the first sign will be a build-up of standing water in the drain pan. You may also notice a musty smell or signs of water damage. If this is the case, you need to inspect your drain line for a clog.


What Causes a Clog?air conditioning drain columbia il

Clean your ac condensate drain with regularly schedule maintenance. A fitly drain causes buildup in the drain line restricts the flow of condensate, which leads to problems.


Preventing Clogs

 The best way to prevent a clog in your drain line is to schedule regular cleanings. In between cleanings, you can pour a mixture of water and vinegar down the condensate drain line to help remove debris and kill anything that may be growing in there. You can do this every three to six months. It also helps to use higher quality air filters.


Unclogging Your Drain

Drain clogs happen—that’s exactly why the plumbing professionals at Morrison Plumbing are here. We’re fully licensed and have more than 20 years of experience in the plumbing business. If your the AC in your Columbia, IL home has a clogged condensate drain and you need help getting the blockage out, call Morrison or schedule an appointment using our website.

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