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Can hard water damage the water heater at my Swansea, IL home?

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Beware the dangers of hard water!

Water quality is different everywhere you go. Some cities have heavily treated water that has most of its minerals removed, and some cities have mineral-filled water—otherwise known as hard water. The main difference between hard water and soft water is how they affect appliances, fixtures and other parts of your home. Build-up caused by hard water can actually damage some of the appliances in your home, which is why some people opt to install a water softener. Here’s what hard water does to your water heater and what you can do to minimize the damage.


The minerals in hard water are notorious for building up on surfaces the water touches. As the minerals from your water build up in your water heater, they reduce its efficiency by making it more difficult for your water heater to heat the water. This isn’t an emergency problem, but it will cost you on your energy bill if you wait to fix it.


water softener swansea il

Your water heater should be flushed about once a year. This helps remove anything that might have built up in your water heater over the past year. When hard water causes increased mineral build-up, however, you may have to flush your tank as often as once every three months.

Shortened Life

Properly maintaining your water heater ensures it will last for a long time. However, hard water can greatly reduce the lifespan of your water heater due to the mineral build-up inside the tank. You’ll also have to pay for more frequent repairs.

What You Can Do

Water softeners can help reduce the effects of hard water on your water heater. Water filtration systems like this remove minerals from water as you use it, preventing mineral build-up and giving you cleaner water. You can buy a water softener that softens the water in one fixture, or a whole-house water softener that softens all the water you use in your home.

For even better water quality, consider investing in some form of water purification, such as a reverse osmosis (RO) filter.

Ask the Experts

If you’re not sure about the water quality in your area, give Morrison Plumbing a call. We have the expertise to determine whether you need a water softener and install it if necessary. You can even schedule service online with our easy to use website.

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