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What are the top causes of sewer line breaks in Granite City, IL?

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Underground sewer lines are easy to ignore when the lines are working correctly. However, homeowners discover these lines are impossible to ignore once there is an issue.

Unfortunately, some homeowners do not pay attention to the signs of sewer line problems until a major catastrophe occurs. They learn too late that a small sewer line problem can turn into a costly sewer line repair. If the homeowner had only contacted a Granite City, IL plumbing company sooner, they may have avoided thousands of dollars in sewer line replacement costs.

Signs of Sewer Line Breaks

A sewer line can break for several reasons. Of course, nothing lasts forever, including sewer lines. Most sewer lines are made of materials that are designed to withstand decades of use. However, pipes degrade with age and break. Therefore, age can be a major factor in why some sewer lines break. Homeowners with older homes who have not had the sewer lines upgraded can experience sewer problems.

Even newer pipes can break. Environmental factors and poor installation are two of the most common reasons why newer sewer lines fail. If a company does not utilize quality materials or the installers make errors during the sewer line installation, the lines can be weak or compromised causing a break.

Environmental influences, such as shifting ground from compaction and settling soil can apply pressure to the pipes causing them to break. Damage from construction near the lines may also cause a break in the sewer line. Tree roots can enter underground sewer lines through a tiny opening in the pipe. Once the root enters the pipe, the root continues to grow and expand, causing the pipe to break. Trees are a common cause of sewer line repairs.

Signs You Should Never Ignore

Several signs that may indicate sewer line breaks include:

  • The appearance of low-lying areas or a sinkhole in the yard
  • Unexpected pools of water in the yard
  • A patch of the yard that appears to always be soggy, even during dry spells
  • Foul smells in certain areas of the yard
  • Patches of bright, green grass when other areas of the yard are not thriving
  • Numerous sewer line blockages that must be cleared by a professional
  • Sewer backups in the house and slowly draining sewer lines

If caught in time, a sewer line problem may be contained.

What Should a Homeowner Do if they Suspect a Sewer Problem?

The Granite City, IL plumbing and sewer line technicians of Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can perform sewer line maintenance and inspection to determine the cause of the sewer problem. In some cases, regular sewer cleaning and maintenance can prevent problems from occurring or becoming worse.

However, if a line is broken, we have plumbing professionals who are experienced in sewer line replacement. They determine the extent of the problem and discuss whether a sewer line repair can protect your investment or if the lines need to be replaced to prevent further damage to your home and property.

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