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Signs your O’Fallon, IL home may have a broken sewer line


If you own a home in O’Fallon, IL, you know that cold weather and old plumbing can frequently cause all sorts of problems with your sewer lines. Since many sewer line installations run underground or behind walls, it might not be immediately obvious that you have a problem. However, learning a few of the telltale signs can help you catch a leak or a blockage early and call for sewer service before it’s too late.

Signs You May Have a Blockage

Blockages are among the most common problems sewer lines develop. Fortunately, these are usually some of the easiest issues to fix with professional plumbing repair service. Blockages are caused by, basically, two things: a buildup of deposits in the pipes and intrusion from foreign objects.

sewer service o'fallon ilBuildup happens to every pipe if it’s old enough. Over time, sediment builds up on the walls of the pipe and reduces the flow rate. This usually shows up as a slow drain, though a seriously blocked line can back up on you. These blockages can happen anywhere along the line, and so you might wind up with a slow bathtub drain at a point well above the lowest drain in your house. If the slow or blocked drain happens to be the lowest, such as in your cellar, your issue might be an intrusion, which usually happens outside your home. Tree roots penetrating your pipes are a common cause of intrusion.

Signs You May Have Broken Sewer Lines

Broken lines are another problem you might have, and depending on where the break is, you could see a host of signs alerting you to the problem. If, for example, you ever smell the telltale odor of sewage, it means the airtight seal on your pipes has been compromised, and it’s time to call a plumber. Pools of foul-smelling water forming on your lawn are another sign of a break. Small breaks might not leak enough to produce puddling, but if you notice an exceptionally green patch in the yard, you might have slow seepage. The sewage from your pipes acts as a kind of fertilizer, which can drive luxurious growth of grass and other plants in the area around the broken sewer line.

If you live in or around O’Fallon, IL, and you notice any of these signs, it may be time to call a plumber. Morrison Plumbing is able to diagnose and fix most household plumbing issues, and to handle even a badly blocked or broken sewer line.

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