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Edwardsville, IL Plumbing: Why Is My Water Bill So High?

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If you’re like most Edwardsville IL homeowners, then you’re always on the lookout for ways to spend less on your utilities. If you’ve been working on reducing your overall consumption but notice a sudden spike in your water bill, it may be time to call a plumber. Here are a few factors that can contribute to a high water bill.

Seasonal Changes in Water Consumption

It’s not unusual for water bills to climb in the warmer months. This increase is likely due to the watering of lawns, filling or topping off pools, gardening, or even just more frequent bathing. Bills may also be higher in the winter if you are constantly running your water to avoid frozen pipes. If you have overnight guests during the holiday season, you may also notice higher than normal water bills.

leaking faucet edwardsville il


A leak in your home is more than a simple nuisance; it can waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water. The most common culprit for a high water bill is a toilet that is constantly running. A toilet leak can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day, doubling the average family’s water usage. Leaks that are under your house or between your home and your water meter can be hard to spot, but they too can result in a high water bill. Look for wet spots in your crawl space or around your yard that may indicate a leak. It’s important to routinely check your plumbing to ensure that your faucets, toilets, outside taps, and irrigation system are all working properly.

Malfunctioning Water Softener

If you have recently had a water softener installed, you may notice a climb in your water bill. This is due to the regeneration cycle that your system goes through regularly. Occasionally, a water softener malfunctions, locking it into a continuous cycle, which dramatically increases water consumption. A professional plumber can help to ensure that your system is installed correctly and is running properly.

If you’ve seen a sudden spike in your water bill that can’t be explained by an increase in your household’s water consumption, then it’s time to call in the professionals. At Morrison Plumbing, our experts can identify the problem and take care of it quickly, helping you to get your water bill back under control.

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