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What are the most common summer plumbing problems in Glen Carbon, IL

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Not all plumbing problems occur during the winter. In fact, many of the most common plumbing problems that Glen Carbon, IL face are more likely to arise during the summer. Here are five problems that might cause you to call a plumber in Glen Carbon, IL.

  1. Sprinkler System Leaks

Every summer, Glen Carbon plumbers receive calls from people who have discovered leaks in the sprinkler systems they use to look after their lawns. When these systems are left unused over winter, ice crystals can form inside the hoses, causing them to split open. You might notice these leaks when you spot water flooding onto the lawn on the first day of summer, but sometimes leaks are not obvious until you are faced with the shock of receiving an excessively large water bill. As a result, it is a good idea for all Glen Carbon residents to inspect their sprinkler systems in spring to check for leaks.

  1. Sewer Line Root Disruption

clogged toilet glen carbon ilDuring the warmer months, plants are busy growing as much as possible. Sometimes, tree roots extend into the sewer, causing leaks or clogs.

  1. Toilet Problems

When the kids are off school for the summer and parents stay home to look after them, there are more people using the toilet every day. This extra use can cause clogs or flush problems to develop. Protect your toilet during the summer months by reminding your children not to flush anything other than pee, poop, and toilet paper. If you see the water rising high in the bowl when you flush the toilet, call a plumber for help.

  1. Shower Drain Clogs

People naturally want to shower more often in summer. As a result, large amounts of mud, sunscreen, hair, and other substances wash down the shower drain. You can use a drain cover to catch stray hairs and other solid objects. Empty this cover daily to protect your drains. If you notice that your shower drain is taking longer to empty than during the winter, contact a plumbing contractor for help.

Morrison Plumbing can help residents of Glen Carbon, IL with all their plumbing problems. Whether you are experiencing a leak, a clog, or some other issue, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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