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How can you tell if there’s a sewer line break at your Fairview Heights, IL home?

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Ten Reasons Sewer Systems Can Fail, Causing Flooding

  • There are many reasons sewer lines fail. But before a sewer break occurs, there are always symptoms and warnings.
  • A sudden insect infestation can be a symptom of a broken sewer line. Insects have a much easier time getting through sanitary sewer cracks into your home.
  • A rodent problem can also be a sign of a break in your sewer lines. Rats live in sewers and can make their way from the city mainline to the tie-in to pipes running behind your walls. An average rat can squeeze through a crack or opening, the size of a quarter.
  • Septic wastewater pooling in your yard. Pooling may be an indication of a broken septic tank, clogged drain fields, or a cracked mainline.
  • Foundation cracks, sudden settlement, and sinkholes are all warning signs that you might have a broken sewer main.
  • An indentation in your lawn or under pavers. A consistent saturation of the ground can cause a lawn to develop an indentation above the mainline.
  • An extra green or lush patch of grass may be due to a sewage leak, as raw sewage acts as a fertilizer for vegetation.
  • Low drains, tubs, and toilets are all signs of a pending sewer line failure. Also, the mainline may have issues such as tree root intrusion causing a blockage.
  • The appearance of mold growth, accompanied by a sewer odor is an almost certain indication of a break in the sewer line drain pipes.
  • An odor of sewer gas in or around a home is a tell-tale symptom that there is a crack somewhere in the sewer system.
  • A sewage backup is typically caused by a blockage somewhere in the line and can indicate broken or deteriorating sewer lines

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to summon the trusted, well-trained professionals at Morrison Plumbing for sewer service. Just call (618) 408-1446 today and have your home’s sewer system examined for free.

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