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How important is an air conditioning tune-up at my Belleville, IL home?

air conditioning tune-up belleville il

Just as you would maintain your car, you want to regularly check the functionality of your air conditioning system. During general maintenance visits to our Bellevue, IL, customers, we check whether the unit is working and get it ready for the warm season. Trust our reliable techs to ensure your home is a cool, relaxing haven during the hottest part of the day.

What’s Included in an Air Conditioning Tune-up?

During a tune-up, a qualified Morrison Plumbing specialist checks the coolant levels, inspects the wiring and components, and calibrates the temperatures. We make sure your evaporator coil is clean and perform a number of additional safety checks. After the inspection, our tech recommends any necessary repairs and cleans the unit.

Benefits of Seasonal Maintenance for Air Conditioninga/c tune-up belleville il

Getting a spring tune-up as part of your air conditioning maintenance helps you find small problems before they become a big issue, and it extends the life of your AC system. Spending around $70 to $100 a year can add up to 15 years to the life of your air conditioning unit.

That may seem like more money than you want to spend, but seasonal maintenance also saves you up to 15 percent on your energy bills. That comes in handy when your summer cooling bill skyrockets. At that rate, the air conditioning maintenance pays for itself in a few months.

You can change your filters and make sure the unit if free of dust and debris, but leave it to our plumbing and cooling experts to keep your system running in optimal condition. Don’t run the risk of having to replace your unit, which can cost up to $5,000. Instead, make the call today to keep your family cool and happy this summer.

It’s Never Too Late

Even if you wait until the hot weather is upon you, your air conditioning unit will benefit from a tune-up. Researchers found an air conditioner tune-up yields 78 percent utility savings a year later.

If you haven’t had a tune-up this year, let our experienced technicians in Belleville, IL, check out your unit. To prevent a breakdown during the worst heat of the year, call us today for your seasonal air conditioning maintenance.

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