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How do I measure the accuracy of the thermostat at my O’Fallon, IL home?

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A good thermostat is a great tool for making sure the temperature in your home remains comfortable without wasting energy, but a faulty thermostat isn’t much good at all. You should check your temperature reading every once in a while to make sure it’s accurate and not wasting energy—here’s how you can do it.

Using a Thermometer

Your thermostat should give a very accurate reading of the room’s temperature—especially if it’s a newer digital model. However, problems can cause incorrect readings, so sometimes the best way to verify accuracy is to compare it to an accurate thermometer. All you need to do is tape a thermometer to the wall right next to the monitor. After waiting for a minimum of 15 minutes, compare the readings. If your reading doesn’t show the same temperature as your thermometer, there’s a good chance you have a problem with your thermostat.

Keep in mind that this test depends heavily on the accuracy of the thermometer you’re using. You should buy a new thermometer to make sure you’re getting the right reading.

Thermostat Placement

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If you feel like the temperature is a bit off, poor readings may be the culprit. Keep your thermostat out of drafty areas to avoid poor readings.

So, where exactly should you put your thermostat? Living rooms and dining rooms are both common locations. You’ll want to put your thermostat about five feet above the floor, so it gets an accurate temperature reading and is easy to program. Your thermostat should also be in a spot where there is some level of air circulation; make sure to keep the sensor away from drafty areas.

Help Is on the Way

A faulty thermostat is no fun, costing you more and putting strain on your system. If the thermostat in your O’Fallon, IL, home isn’t showing the same temperature as the thermometer you put next to it, or you suspect there may be another problem, call Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at (618) 408-1446 .

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