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When should I turn my a/c to heat in Glen Carbon, IL?

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When the summer begins to wind down and the cold Glen Carbon, IL, weather approaches, you may be considering switching off your air conditioning and switching to heat. If you need help deciding when to turn off you’re a/c and switch over to your furnace, check out these handy tips.

Why It’s Important

Like most things, your HVAC system will only perform at its optimal level for a long time if you take proper care of it. This means scheduling routine maintenance and repairing problems at first sight instead of letting them develop further. Taking care of your AC also means shutting it down each season to maximize its lifespan, since this prevents freezing and buildup of dirt and debris.

When to Switch

Although you may be tempted to wait to switch from heating to air conditioning after it starts to get cold outside, that’s not the best way to do it. You should at least try turning on your boiler or heat pump before you actually need it. If you don’t test your heating system out beforehand and it has an issue, you’ll be stuck without heat in the cold weather.

When the weather starts to cool down a bit but isn’t actually cold enough that you need heat, give your heating system a quick test. You may want to open a few windows and place some fans around your home for ventilation since there may be some dust and other buildup that burns off.

After you make the seasonal switch and don’t need a/c any more, you can shut your air conditioning off, clean you’re a/c unit, and cover it up for the winter. This will ensure your system stays clean and lasts longer.


Do you need help getting your air conditioning system shut down for the season and firing up your heating system? Give the HVAC technicians at Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call at (618) 408-1446 . We have years of experience helping residents of Glen Carbon, IL, keep their air conditioning units in pristine condition, so we know exactly what your air conditioning unit needs before it goes out of commission for the winter.

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