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Why are furnace tune-ups so important to homes in the Edwardsville, IL area?

furnace tune-ups edwardsville il

If you live in the Edwardsville, IL area, you might recently have received communications from local contractors letting you know about the importance of seasonal maintenance for your furnace. Before you dismiss this information, take some time to learn about the benefits of furnace tune-ups for homes in and around Edwardsville, IL.


A malfunctioning furnace can put you and your family at risk. The combustion process that occurs in the furnace, which involves burning fuel to produce heat, can release dangerous carbon monoxide into your home if your furnace is not properly maintained. You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, but breathing it in can cause serious health problems or even death. Do not take the risk; schedule a furnace tune-up today to keep your family safe.


Heating tune-ups reduce the risk of your home heating system breaking down over winter. When contractors catch furnace problems early, they can resolve them before they cause serious damage that is expensive to repair. As a result, your heating system is less likely to break down and leave you shivering in the chilly winter weather.

Efficiencyfurnace maintenance edwardsville il

During a furnace tune-up, technicians check the heating system to ensure that there is enough air flowing through the system. Restricted airflow can put excessive strain on the furnace, causing it to work less efficiently and therefore consume more fuel. Heating tune-ups could therefore reduce your winter energy bills by increasing energy efficiency.


In some cases, an annual furnace tune-up is required to maintain the validity of the furnace manufacturer’s warranty. Check your warranty to see whether you need an annual tune-up to meet the requirements.


Calling out an emergency heating specialist in the middle of winter can be expensive, and you might have to wait a while for service because technicians are always at their most busy at this time. Schedule your seasonal maintenance now to beat the rush and ensure your Edwardsville home stays warm over winter.

Morrison Plumbing is ready to carry out a furnace tune-up to protect and maintain your Edwardsville furnace. Get in touch with us today to schedule your tune-up.

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