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Why is my water pressure out of control in Cahokia, IL?

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You count on ample water pressure for all sorts of things, from taking a comfortable shower to washing vegetables and making sure you can fill a pitcher of water without taking an eternity. Unfortunately, water pressure problems are fairly common. If the water pressure in your Cahokia, IL, home isn’t where it should be, one of these causes may be the culprit.

Water Meter Valve

One possible cause for low water pressure is a water meter valve that isn’t fully open. Your water meter valve can be found near the street and isn’t normally used unless city utility workers have to shut your water off to do work. While this generally won’t cause problems, your water pressure could be low if a city worker doesn’t turn your water meter valve back on all the way.

Main Shutoff Valve

In addition to the water meter valve, you also have a main shutoff valve that you can use to turn your water off. Check to make sure your main shutoff valve is open all the way; if it isn’t, you may have problems with water pressure. Thankfully, you can easily remedy this by opening the valve.

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Pressure Regulator

If you can’t figure out the cause of your low water pressure, you might want to have a plumber check out your pressure regulator. A failing pressure regulator is a common cause of water pressure problems and only requires a minor fix. You may have a pressure regulator problem if the water pressure throughout your entire house suddenly changed.

Plumbing System

While water pressure problems such as low and high pressure can often be traced back to a simple cause, there are times when your plumbing system as a whole is the cause. If your pressure regulator is fine and both your main shutoff valve and water meter valve are open, you should have your plumbing system inspected and potentially re-piped.

Quick Fix

Nobody wants plumbing problems, especially water pressure problems. Unfortunately, we deal with these problems all the time. If you need help getting the water pressure in your Cahokia, IL, home under control, call the plumbing pros at Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air at (618) 703-5700. Schedule an appointment to have us take a look at your plumbing system and get your water pressure problems under control so you can return to normal life.

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