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What to know before changing plumbing fixtures in Swansea, IL

Stop! Read this before installing your own plumbing fixtures

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are among the most popular. Additionally, with kids out of the house, back-to-school time seems like a great time to finally get those projects done. Many homeowners take advantage of DIY labor to install new plumbing fixtures at their homes and businesses. However, situations like this have “debacle” written all over them, especially if you have little experience with installing your own plumbing fixtures. Read on for helpful tips to get you started on this project.

Turn Off the Water

Let us save you the time, the headache and the hassle of having water all over your floors. Before performing any plumbing work, on any part of your home, turn off the water valve to stop the flow of water. This helps limit leaking and water that could ruin floors, walls, furniture and much more.

Read Instructions

So, you’ve got your plumbing fixtures, you’ve turned the water off, and you’re ready to get started. Not so fast! Read those instructions first. Most fixtures come with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the installation process. Reading the instructions first could notify you of any problems that may arise (i.e., lack of tools, compatibility issues, etc.) before they happen.

Keep the Receipts

While you may be perfectly capable of installing new plumbing fixtures, you may not be perfectly capable of matching the finish to the color scheme of your bathroom. Additionally, many people get halfway through installation before realizing the fixtures they bought don’t fit the countertop or vanity in their bathrooms or kitchens. The receipts are your exit strategy to a project gone wrong!

Please, Be Careful

There’s a reason people complete extensive education and training to become plumbers; it can be a difficult and dangerous job. One wrong move put the health and safety of you and your family in jeopardy.

Call a Professional

The best advice we can give you is to call a professional to have the job done right. You can shop around to multiple companies for the best price. Additionally, a licensed plumber will have contractors’ insurance, which means you’re covered if something goes wrong!

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