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My Granite City, IL home has a boiler – how does it work?

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Boiler Systems: Explained

When it comes to home heating systems, there are many unknowns for most homeowners. However, many people know the basis of how their heating or cooling systems work. However, in older homes, many homes rely on steam boilers to provide heat to the home. While this is an older invention, it’s still an effective means of heating a home. The problem is that many people don’t understand how their boilers work, and even many HVAC contractors don’t offer this service anymore. Boilers are especially prevalent in older homes and may require extensive repairs to keep them running.

How do boilers work?boiler system granite city il

While we’re talking about boilers in terms of a home heating system, it’s important to note that boilers can be used for many things. Additionally, all boilers use some sort of fuel and they may very depending on if they use gas, oil or electricity.

The basic workings of a boiler are this: the boiler burns some sort of fuel, which gives off heat, which is then transferred into water, which is then used to heat the entire home. That’s a short, vague explanation – here’s what’s really going on inside of your boiler unit!

  • First, the thermostat in your home senses that the temperature has dropped and signals the boiler to start creating heat.`
  • Next, the boiler burns fuel (oil, gas or electricity) in order to create the heat needed.
  • Then, the heat from the fuel source is used to heat up water inside the boiler, which is then sent through your home’s ventilation system where it transfers heat to a radiator.
  • After heating your home, the cooled water travels back to the boiler where it will be reheated.
  • This cycle repeats itself until your home is the proper temperature.
  • The boiler shuts off and shuts back on when the thermostat notices another temperature drop.

Who can help?

In the Granite City, IL area, you can always call the pros at Morrison for fast, reliable service when you need repairs to your boiler system or your radiators. Our techs are certified professionals and we offer free estimates and affordable services. Contact our staff for details about service!

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