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No hot water at my Belleville, IL home – what should I do?

no hot water belleville il

Here’s what you should do when your hot water goes out

You’ve had a long, hard day at work. You push the door open, and soon you’ve got the water running for a nice hot shower that will help your problems melt away. However, there’s one problem – the water isn’t warm. After a brief fit of rage and, likely, some tears, you’ve composed yourself and are ready for the next step – so, you’ve gone internet searching. Read on for the next steps in solving your problem and restoring the hot water that you crave so dearly!

Eliminate the obvious

The very first step is eliminating the obvious things that could be causing your problem. Try and think of anything and everything that could be causing this issue including the following:


Is it possible that you’re just simply out of hot water? Who’s home? Were they taking a shower? What other activities were going on? If there’s been a lot of recent usage, you may be out of water. But, it’s only for a little bit, your heated water should be restored soon. If there’s no spike in usage, something else is the problem.

Pilot Light

water heater problems belleville il

The pilot light can go out – it’s that simple. Make sure before you take any more steps that you make sure the pilot light is on. If it’s off, make sure it turns back on and wait for the water to heat up. However, be sure to speak with a professional about the outage to ensure there isn’t another problem lurking.


Is the power on? Even if your system runs on gas, there’s an electrical component that will turn the breaker on or off. If the breaker trips or it has otherwise been turned off, the water heater won’t work.

Call a Professional

Have you eliminated the obvious things? Still can’t figure it out? Time to call your local plumbing professionals for the service you need to solve all of your problems. Morrison Plumbing serves the entire Bellville, IL area with expert plumbing services.

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