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Optimal Fall Thermostat Settings for Maryville, IL

fall thermostat settings maryville il

Maximize your thermostat settings for fall weather

As the calendar turns to October, the Metro-East area is hoping for some relief from the dangerous heat experienced this summer. Luckily, they’re bound to get it. However, as fall rolls around, it can be difficult to know what thermostat settings to go with. Some days are hot, some are cold, some are both and some you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Here are some tips to maximize your HVAC system for fall weather this year.

Use the Natural Temperature

While it’s not always possible, always maximize the time you have when the weather is temperate. Opening windows to take advantage of nice weather will flood your home with fresh air and give your HVAC system a much-needed break after a summer of heavy use.

Use the Auto Settings

Always ensure that your thermostat is set to “Auto.” This ensures that your fan doesn’t always run, only running when the temperature changes. In moderate fall temperatures, its temperature should change slower, meaning you’ll save on energy.

Watch the Weatherdigital thermostat maryville il

Make sure you’re aware of the coming weather patterns to maximize efficiency during the fall season. This will help you to understand when your system needs to be on, when it needs to be off, and when it’s time to call for seasonal maintenance from your local technician.

Trust a Professional

Questions about thermostat settings. Don’t hesitate to call a local professional for the service you need or for answers to your questions. Seasonal maintenance for your HVAC systems helps them run longer, better and more efficient. Contact us about service agreements.

Adapt to the Environment

One great way to take advantage of the season is just adapting to your environment. When the weather is temperate, you can completely turn your system off, opting to add and shed clothing and blankets, as needed, to adjust to the temperature. This could help save a lot of money, depending on how long your stretch of good temperatures lasts.

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