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Why is it so important for your Fairview Heights, IL HVAC tech to be licensed & insured?

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What you gain when your HVAC tech is licensed & insured

Unfortunately, heating and cooling problems are a part of life. However, it’s not the problems that define you; it’s how you deal with them. That’s why it’s important to hire a local licensed and bonded HVAC tech for all your heating and cooling needs. It’s easy to get caught up in shopping for the best quote from all the contractors in your area. However, don’t devalue the importance of a licensed professional. You may have a family member or friend that can do the work, but you’ll be taking a huge risk. Here’s what you’ll gain when you decide to hire a licensed and insured tech for your project.


One thing you’ll gain is the experience of a well-trained professional. Being licensed means you’ve gone through the necessary training and testing as set forth by the governing state. This is valuable because it ensures that your professional won’t get in over their heads. They know just what they’re doing, and they’ve likely seen a problem like yours many times before. Experience helps ensure that your problem is solved for good – not just a temporary fix.


Along with experience, comes the expertise of a licensed professional. Licensing exams are difficult, and they encompass all parts of commercial and residential heating and cooling. You can trust that you licensed HVAC tech has been put through the wringer and had their knowledge tested many times before stepping into our home.

Coveragehome improvement fairview heights il

Another thing you’ll gain is the coverage of someone that has contractors insurance. Whether it’s simple repairs or a major installation, things go wrong on the job site that may cause damage to your home, injuries to a worker or something else. When you hire someone with contractors insurance, you’ll be making a choice that will keep you, your home and your family safer, no matter what goes wrong on the job site.


Reputation is vital to small businesses that rely on the quality of their service to gain repeat customers and grow their business. Because of this, being licensed and insured is a big deal. Without the reputation, can you really be sure what you’re getting when you hire someone? What if something goes wrong, are you confident that they’ll handle the issue? It may be better to wise up and hire someone with licensing and insurance to boost their reputation.

Code Compliance

Finally, code compliance is important when it comes to any work that you’re having done at your home or business.  A professional heating and cooling contractor will understand municipal building codes that will help ensure everything is installed correctly.

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