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How to tell when you need a new heating system in Cahokia, IL

heating system cahokia ilUse these tips to determine if you need a new heating system

In the Cahokia, IL area, we rely on our heating systems to keep us warm throughout the cold winter months in the Metro-East area. However, heating systems aren’t made to last forever – eventually, you’ll have to have yours replaced. While this is unfortunate, a system upgrade could help you save on energy by increasing efficiency. But, how are you supposed to know when it’s time for a system upgrade – you aren’t an HVAC tech? Read below or a few tips about how to tell when it’s time to switch your system before winter starts!


This is one of the best factors to go by when it comes to replacing your system. Now, if your system is working fine and you’ve seen no reduction in efficiency, there’s no reason to replace. However, when your system starts to get to the end of its lifespan, you’ll likely start to notice some efficiency issues. New systems can help improve efficiency, air quality and more.

Noisenew heating system cahokia il

Does it seem like something is rattling around inside? Does your unit keep making strange noises that you can’t get to go away? This is a sign that’s it’s time to start thinking about a new furnace installation. While the noises itself may be repairable, if your unit is getting towards its lifespan, it may be a more economical option to replace the system altogether. Talk to our staff about any noises you’re hearing.


This is one of the biggest factors to consider when thinking about a system replacement. You’ll notice your efficiency going down by looking at your energy bills. Are you using more than usual? Does your average usage just keep going up? That’s a sign that your efficiency has plummeted and you should call for repairs, maintenance or a complete system replacement from a local professional.


Have you noticed a drop in the quality of your system? Are you calling for repairs more often? It’s time to think about a system replacement when these repair costs start to add up. Before you know it, you’ll be spending more on repairs than you would’ve on a new system. Talk to our staff about your system quality and see if a replacement is right for you.

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