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How can I prepare my home for winter in Caseyville, IL?

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Get your home ready for freezing temperatures

Temperatures can get cold in the Caseyville, IL area. When wintertime rolls around in the Metro-East area, people around here know it’s time to huddle up inside where things are warmer. However, while you may be ready to take refuge for the long winter ahead, is your home ready? A plumbing or HVAC problem on the coldest day of the year is likely not something you want to experience. Read on for some helpful tips about getting your home ready for the freezing temperatures for a Midwestern winter.


One area you should be concerned about is your plumbing. Frozen pipes are a real threat during the winter time. They can cause your entire plumbing system to be out of service and even cause pipes to crack and burst. By insulating pipes and having your plumbing system inspected in the fall, you should be able to avoid plumbing catastrophes when you can least afford them.


This goes without saying, but you need to have a sound heating system to get you through those cold nights in Caseyville, IL. However, the time to get your system inspected is during the fall, not the middle of the winter. Call a local professional for a heating tune-up before you turn your heating system on for the first time. Seasonal maintenance cleans and maintains the components of your unit and helps prevent problems during peak winter problems caseyville il

Water Heater

Can you think of anything worse than a water heater problem in the dead of winter? Cold showers when it’s cold outside isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, you can call a local plumber to maintain your system on a yearly basis, so you can have confidence that your system will last throughout the winter. Is your system getting old? Take advantage of seasonal deals on new water heaters and replace that system before something goes wrong this winter!

Drafty Areas

Whether it’s the attic, basement or by the front door, drafty areas in your home could be robbing your system of efficiency and causing those high winter heating bills to go even higher. Seal holes and cracks in walls and around windows and doors to cut down on drafts and maintain your system efficiency.

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