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I just bought a new pet, how will that affect my HVAC system in Edwardsville, IL?

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Read these tips about pets and how they affect the air quality at your home

So you bought a pet – congratulations! However, having a pet will completely change the way you have to think about your home. Not only does it have to be a good place for the pup, but it also has to be a good place for you. Unfortunately, fur, dander dirt and more gets tracked all over the home by pets. Furthermore, many people don’t understand the implications that this has for your home, especially your HVAC system. Read the following tips on pets and HVAC systems and call a local professional to help you with all the things you need.


Unfortunately, having a pet may seriously impact the efficiency of your system. This depends on the size of the dog, how much it sheds and how dirty it gets while its outside. However, All the dust, dander and dirt that the dog will bring in your house will have to be filtered out by your air filter, which means  your system’s efficiency could take a hit.


Not only will your new dog bring in fur and dander, but that fur and dander get blown all over the house. Meaning, you could come into contact with the dog, without ever coming into contact with the dog – freaky, right? You’ll have to be extra diligent when it comes to changing the air filter, dusting, cleaning and more.


Remember, when you leave for work, you’re now setting the thermostat for another living thing, not for an empty home. This may not change the temperature needs of your home, but it is definitely something to consider if your dog is staying at home.

Extra Products

With the introduction of an animal into the home environment, it may be necessary to add air purification products you’re your HVAC system. A trusted professional can help diagnose your situation and make an expert recommendation for something that will help your system.

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