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Why is a furnace tune-up necessary before winter in Collinsville, IL

furnace tune-up collinsville il

Here’s why you can’t skip your annual furnace tune-up

Now, it’s not necessarily cold in the Collinsville, IL area, but chances are, you’ve had to turn on your furnace already this year. Did you have it tuned up first? Do you understand the reasons why your furnace should have a yearly tune-up with a qualified professional? Skipping your annual furnace tune-up can cause major problems with your system, not to mention the high repair costs down the road. Read one for more details about why skipping the furnace tune-up is a bad idea.

System Longevity

The first benefit of the annual tune-up is system longevity. While it’s not guaranteed, having your system inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis gives it the best chance to last a long time. When owners neglect system maintenance, this has a tendency to shorten the lifespan of the HVAC system.

Cleanlinessfurnace cleaning collinsville il

When you call for a tune-up, you’ll have your system inspected and cleaned by a true professional. Keeping your system clean helps limit the spread of dust and hair around the house. Additionally, when dirt builds upon the system, it makes it work harder for the results you desire, which could lead to system breakdowns.


Do you wonder why your unit always seems to have some sort of problem? That’s probably because you don’t maintain I like you should. When you skip a furnace tune-up, you’re skipping an inspection that helps prevent problems and could find issues that already exist.


You may think that a hundred bucks a year is too much for someone to just look at your system. However, imagine being alerted to a serious problem that may have crippled your whole system. Instead, you found out first, replaced the part and avoided a huge replacement cost. Furthermore, a well-maintained system will need fewer repairs, further saving you money.

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