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How can I keep the furnace from overheating at my Collinsville, IL home?

Use these tips to take the heat off of your furnace this winter

When it comes to your home comfort systems, nothing puts more stress on your furnace than peak season during the winter. In the Collinsville, IL area, sub-freezing temperatures threaten to turn your two-story Tudor into an igloo. However, with the unit running all of the time, you’ll have to watch out for signs of an overheating furnace. When a unit overheats, one or more components inside the unit may be susceptible to breaking. However, you can combat this by preventing your unit from overheating – here’s how you’ll do it.

Use the “Auto” Setting

One way to prevent overheating of your system is to use the thermostat to your advantage. While it may be nice to have your furnace blowing toasty air 24/7, it’s not good for your system. The auto setting will allow the fan to shut off when the home is the property temperature. This allows for the unit to cool and prevents overheating.

Clean/Change your Air Filter

Another reason your unit may overheat is due to blockage of air flow. If you’ve forgotten or neglected to change the air filter, and it’s now clogged, this could be blocking the airflow to the rest of your system, which can cause the components to overheat, especially the inside coils that are vital to the heat transfer process.

Limit the Losses

If you notice any areas that are particularly drafty or windows and doors that have leaks, it’s best to seal those things up before the winter hits. These things could be causing your system to run overtime, which puts you in jeopardy of an overheating furnace.

Get a Heating Tune-Up

Of course, you can eliminate many of these things with a simple heating tune-up from your local HVAC professional. They clean and check all components of your system to ensure there are no looming issues that will make your system overheat or fail you when you need it most!

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