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Ways to beat frozen pipes at your Edwardsville, IL home

Watch for pipe freeze this winter

As the calendar creeps closer to winter, homeowners all over are making last-minute preparations to stave off plunging temperatures and frozen weather. However, your plumbing can get lost in the shuffle of getting ready for the cold months. Unfortunately, neglecting plumbing system maintenance could have your spending on emergency service when the pipes at your home freeze this winter. Luckily, if you act now, you can prevent pipe freeze altogether, saving yourself the money and hassle of having it fixed later. Read on for details about preventing frozen pipes at your home in the Edwardsville, IL area!


Adding insulation is one of the best things you can do to prevent pipe freeze (and even lower heating bills) in the winter. However, it’s a job that many may need help with. However, insulation is available at any hardware store and, usually, easy to install depending on the location. Additionally, you can insulate the pipes themselves with foam insulation that helps prevent freezing.


Many reasons, pipes freeze because the warm air from the rest of the home is not getting to the plumbing. Common places for pipe freeze include underneath sink, garages, attics, closets and other places that may be cut off from the home’s HVAC system. Keeps doors to these things open to help circulate the warm air and keep pipes from freezing.

Drip Faucets

While it’s only advisable to use this method when pipes are in serious jeopardy of freezing, but it’s a tried-and-true method for preventing pipe freeze. Letting a faucet drip at the back of the home keeps water moving through the system, which helps prevent frozen pipes. Don’t do this all of the time, as the extra water dripping from the faucet will eventually cost you.


Unfreezing Pipes

Unfortunately, many people won’t be able to prevent their frozen pipes. For those of you that neglected to care for your pipes, here are a few methods that you can try:

  • Heated Tape – This method involves heated tape that’s powered by electricity. This will unfreeze your pipes, but it’s important to monitor the plug to ensure no moisture will cause problems.
  • Space Heaters – These can be used for spaces where it may be difficult to get your body into. However, because they run on electricity, you must monitor space heaters frequently to ensure safety.
  • Hair Dryer – Consistent application from a hairdryer is many times plenty to unfreeze a single pipe. However, with more than one frozen pipe, this method could take you a while.

Burst Pipes

If frozen pipes have caused them to burst, there’s no time to wait. Call a qualified plumber that can unfreeze your pipes and repair your system!

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