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Common water heater problems to watch for this winter in Cahokia, IL

Be on the lookout for these water heater problems

The water heater can be the unheralded appliance of the household. While we don’t fully appreciate the hot water when it’s sunny and 90 degrees outside, there’s no place we’d rather be during the winter than a hot bath. Additionally, the cold weather in Cahokia, IL make things all too problematic when the water heater goes out. Many times, lack of hot water is an easy fix that doesn’t require a professional. However, you shouldn’t be shy about calling a local plumber if you lack hot water and you can’ figure out why. Read on for details about some of the most common water heater problems, and call our staff.


The lack of hot water may not be due to a problem at all unless you have the all-too-common problem of family members that love long showers. When usage spikes, the hot water available decreases. The bad news, you’ll probably need to wait for the tank to refill. The good news, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a nice hot shower!

Pilot-Light Outage

The pilot light on a water heater can go out for any number of reasons. For instance, something as simple as a strong draft can blow the pilot light out, which leaves you without hot water until you relight it. Unfortunately, it may not be such a simple issue. If your pilot light goes out, try to relight it. If it doesn’t relight, it’s probably time to call a professional as your problem may be due to a dirty or faulty thermocouple.

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Smelly or Dirty Water

Does your bathwater have a strange smell to it? Has the color of the water changed? It may be due to a build-up of rust and bacteria inside the tank. By flushing the tank with a cleaning solution (ask a professional) and draining the tainted water, you can solve a lot of hot water quality problems!

Noisy Water Heater

A noisy water heater is another sign that rust and sediment are collecting on the inside of the tank. The noise means that the heating element is starting to burn out, which requires service from a professional. Never take any strange noises for granted when it comes to water heaters!


Leaking Tank

Do you keep running out of hot water? Where is all of it going? Well, you may have a leak in your system, which means your system needs to be repaired or replaced. There are very few DIY fixes for a leaking tank, meaning you should call a professional right away if you notice a leaking tank.

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