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Columbia, IL Plumbing: FAQ about frozen & burst pipes

Here’s what you should know about frozen & burst pipes

As the calendar turns to November, it’s time to start thinking about the extremely cold temperatures that will arrive when winter is in full swing. These cold temperatures put your home at risk of frozen pipes and burst pipes this winter. These problems can range from annoying to tiresome and expensive. It’s important to know a local plumber that provided 24-hour service when you need it most. Read on for some FAQ about frozen and burst pipes, and remember Morrison for fast, reliable service when your pipes freeze this winter!

How do pipes freeze?

Pipes freeze when water on the inside of the pipe gets cold enough to freeze. Usually, this happens in pipes that are located in areas of the home that aren’t insulated like crawlspaces, basements, attics or even the space underneath the sink.

How can I unfreeze my pipes?

You can use warm towels, a hairdryer, space heaters and even electric tape to unfreeze your pipes. However, it’s important to note that any method that uses electricity should be approached with extreme caution as precipitation from the melting pipes could cause a fire hazard or create the conditions for electrocution.

How can I prevent pipe freeze?

To prevent pipe freeze, add insulation to walls that aren’t insulated. Also, you can open cabinet doors to let warm air circulate throughout the entire home. The more effective thing you can do is to add foam pipe insulation to pipes at risk of freezing due to their placement in the house.

How do pipes burst?

Burst pipes are a problem that’s closely related to frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, the water on the inside of the pipe expands, which can damage the pipe. Once the pipe thaws, the damage created by the freeze lets water the pressurized water burst through, causing a serious plumbing problem.

How do I fix burst pipes?

In short, you don’t – a licensed plumber fixes your burst pipes. However, if you notice a burst pipe, you should turn off your water right away can call for service from a local plumber to ensure your system is back up and running fast.

How do I prevent burst pipes?

The best way to prevent pipes from bursting is to prevent them from freezing. See the answer to question number #3.

Got more questions? Call Morrison for the service you need this winter!

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