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Belleville Illinois: HVAC Maintenance Tips

New HVAC units for residential homes in Belleville, Illinois

Are you wondering why your energy bill seems to be getting more expensive every month? Many times, it can be caused by a flaw within your HVAC units that prevent the essential functioning of your home’s heating and air ventilation. With these simple maintenance tips, you can improve the function of your HVAC units while helping to lower your monthly electric bill. Taking care of your furnace and A/C is quick, easy, and can help to prevent future repairs. Continue reading to see what you can do to ensure the longevity of your HVAC systems.

Clean/Replace Air Filters

Many homeowners forget that the air filters on their HVAC units need to be replaced as often as every 30-90 days. If you are trying to remember the last time you changed your air filers or are just now learning that this is something that needs to take place, it’s probably time to head to Home Depot, ACE Hardware, Walmart, or Lowe’s and pick up a pack.

If you have children and pets, then you may want to change your filters more often, as everyone collects and spreads dirt and dust that make their way into these filters daily. By changing your filters regularly, you can ensure the life of your HVAC units.

Schedule a Maintenance Checkup

Scheduling a maintenance checkup may be something that many homeowners do regularly or are reminded by their local HVAC professionals during the last time their units were checked. Even if nothing seems wrong in the moment, it’s also recommended to schedule a routine maintenance checkup to ensure there are no underlying issues with your HVAC systems (especially in the summer and winter months).

Clean Outdoor Unit Frequently

Cleaning your outdoor unit does not require professional help unless your HVAC units are left unattended for months on end. For outdoor A/C units, pay a visit once a week, and especially after storms, to make sure there are no branches, leaves, garbage, and smaller debris blocking the ventilation of the unit.

Simple chores like wiping off the top of the A/C with a dry rag and cutting grass around its concrete base can help prevent the need for future repairs.

Give It a Break

We know, it is really tempting in the summertime to crank up the A/C to a perfect 68 degrees, but it is imperative that you give your A/C unit a break. Instead, try turning on an overhead or box fan to create cool air flow to keep your A/C from being overworked.

The same goes for your furnace in the winter. It can be beneficial to bundle up with thick sweaters and blankets while your furnace takes a break from keeping your home nice and toasty.

By heeding these simple HVAC Maintenance tips, not only will you give your system more quality of life, but you will also save money in the long run. Contact your local HVAC experts, Morrison Plumbing, for all your professional HVAC maintenance needs.

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