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Belleville Illinois: DIY Drain Cleaning and Why It Can Be a Bad Idea

Clogged kitchen or bathroom drain in Belleville, Illinois

A clogged drain can be a headache, to say the least, and while it may be tempting to conjure up a DIY cleaning solution, sometimes it can do more harm than good. Home remedies may offer a temporary solution, but they just don’t do the trick in permanently fixing or cleaning your kitchen/bathroom drains. If you’re thinking of doing a DIY drain cleaning, here a few reasons why it may be better to call a professional instead.

You Can’t Trust the Store-Bought Stuff

Cheap store-bought cleaning solutions are only for temporary fixes and can even damage the pipes if used more frequently than is recommended. These cleaners contain extremely harmful and toxic chemicals that will deteriorate your pipes over time and can even permanently damage your skin if you are not careful.

While you may think that store-bought cleaners are doing the job, they rarely clean out the pipes completely. They are designed to do just enough work to allow small amounts of water to get through, making it seem like the problem is taken care of when it isn’t.

Kitchen sink drain clogged with food in Belleville, IllinoisDIY Solutions Are Not Effective

It is understandable why homeowners are so interested in DIY techniques to fix a clogged or smelly drain. Many times, it seems like the problem just can’t wait to be fixed, as proper drainage is essential to our ways of life.

However, using hot water or vinegar and baking soda is just not strong enough to properly clean or unclog a drain. Professional plumbers use specific cleaning solutions and tools that safely remove the toughest dirt, hair, and grime buildup while preventing any future damage from taking place.

You Might Be Making It Worse

Many DIY solutions tend to be at worst, a waste of time and money, but trying to fix your clogged or foul drains can have serious consequences. Although you can get a drain or sewer rod at a home improvement store, if you aren’t careful, you could end up pushing the clogged debris further into the pipes or damaging the pipes themselves in the process.

Old or weak pipes can crack when not properly treated, causing leaks in or beneath the pipes of your home. It is understandable that these drain issues can be frustrating, but DIY cleanings are not always harmless and can end up costing you more to fix in the end.

DIY kitchen and bathroom drain cleaning in Belleville, IllinoisYour Plumbing May Be Worse Than You Think

Plumbing issues can sneak up on you out of nowhere. It is impossible to get an idea of just how bad your clogged or dirty drains are without the proper equipment used by a professional technician. What you assume to be a simple blockage can actually be one of many sizable issues taking place within your pipes. While it may be frustrating at first, it is important to always call your local plumbing company to identify these issues before submitting to any DIY hacks.

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