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Belleville, Illinois: Reasons to Use A Smart Thermostat

Changing the temperature of a home with a smart thermostat in Belleville, Illinois

The 21st century has provided countless pieces of technology and gadgets that continue to improve our contemporary way of living. Nothing short of impressive, smart thermostats have been popular in American homes for their intricate features that improve the function of your HVAC units. No longer is a thermostat only good for changing the temperature of your home, but it serves as a useful tool that embodies the convenience and luxury of modernity.

Reduces Energy Cost

It’s safe to say that any homeowner is willing to try something new if it can prove to lower overall monthly expenses. You may think that upgrading your current thermostat with a smart device will inevitably be more expensive, but, some smart thermostats can save you up 23% on heating and air costs a month.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to know when you and your family are out of the home. Using sensor technology, your HVAC units will turn off when nobody is home and turn on as soon as your step through the door. Less usage means a lower electric bill.

Tracks Your Energy Usage

When installing a smart thermostat, you will be prompted to create a profile, entering information like what your preferred standard temperature is in every season. However, there are dozens of beneficial features that can help decrease your energy bill even more.

Smart thermostats can track how much energy you are using throughout the day and compile this data to show what you could be doing to reduce your energy usage in the future.

Change the Temperature from Anywhere

This may not necessarily be the most essential feature, but it certainly gives the feel of a luxury device that is, well, pretty cool. With a smartphone, you can download an app that is associated with your smart thermostat, meaning that you can control all its features from the convenience of your home.

If you want to make sure it is nice a toasty on a cold winter day, turn the heat on a few minutes before you get home from work. If you are out of the house longer than expected, turn the heat or air off so as not to waste energy. Having complete control over the usage of your HVAC units gives homeowners peace of mind in knowing exactly what is happening within their homes.

Maintenance Reminders

Like most modern pieces of technology, it does not completely rid the interference of humans. If there is ever an issue with your furnace or A/C unit, you will still need to contact a licensed heating and air professional to fix the issue manually.

However, with a smart thermostat, you will be able to detect these issues immediately with email and text alerts so that you can identify and fix the problem before it turns into an expensive investment. You will also get frequent updates and reminders for when you need to replace your air filters and how often you should clean the vents within your home.

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