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Belleville, Illinois: Why Your Home Needs an Outdoor Security Camera

Modern white outdoor camera for residential homes in Belleville, Illinois

Modern white outdoor camera for residential homes in Belleville, Illinois

In an age of technology, cameras have revolutionized the way our country operates. Everywhere you go, you can expect that there is a camera within a few hundred feet in every direction. While this may have seemed unsettling 20-30 years ago, today outdoor cameras have provided benefits for homeowners that are both inexpensive and potentially lifesaving. Read these 4 benefits to why your home needs an outdoor security camera.

It Can Deter Criminals

Before cameras were integrated into society, it’s undiscovered just how much crime truly took place without the help of technology. Today, surveillance cameras can highlight and zoom in on any person walking in or around a building or storefront.

This type of technology for your home can help to deter the possibility of a break in or peeping intruder. Today, most outdoor security cameras also come with motion censored lighting that turns on when anyone gets within a certain distance to the home. Whether you live in an area with higher crime rates or on a secluded piece of land, an outdoor camera can be beneficial for preventing and eliminating crime.

Man getting notifications on phone with security camera footage in Belleville, IllinoisYou Get Constant Alerts

Almost all modern outdoor security camera come with an app that allows you to receive live footage of the surrounding area of your home within seconds. If someone steps too close to your front door or backyard fence, expect to get an immediate notification with playback footage of what caused the alarm to be triggered.

Most times these “alarms” are silent and only alert the homeowner, but there are a few brands that allow the homeowner to contact police officials if they are concerned for the safety of their home.

For more information on modern surveillance systems like Google’s Nest Outdoor Security Camera, contact Morrison Plumbing, Heating, and Air to view all of their in and outdoor smart products.

It Can Monitor the Entire Area

Not only are front door/street cameras beneficial to your keeping your home safe, they also monitor any unusual activity happening at your neighbor’s house. Often police officers will ask neighboring houses that have security camera to view previous footage that could have possibly caught illegal activity off your property. A single outdoor security camera provides an endless amount of benefits for your community that will inevitably protect dozens of people in all hours of the day.

Peace of Mind.

Your piece of mind is the most important advantage to having an outdoor security camera. No longer will you need to worry about whether your home is protected on a prolonged vacation, or if your teenagers are safe while you’re working late. Outdoor cameras will allow you to know exactly what is happening around your home providing the utmost sense of comfort and relief.

If you believe that setting up an outdoor security system is the next step for you to take in protecting your home, contact us through our website or call (618) 408-1446 our experts today at Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air for more information.

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