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Why Your Toilets Keep Getting Clogged

White toilet plumbing vent pipe on black wood bathroom flooring in Belleville, Illinois

Have you noticed that you are reaching for the plunger more often than usual? The frustration of a backed-up toilet is immense, not to mention the potentially messy cleanup that comes with it. If you are wondering why your toilet seems to be getting clogged so easily, there may be underlying issues with your plumbing system that needs the attention of a licensed plumber.

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Flushing Non-Flushable Items

This might be one of the most common reasons why toilets can get clogged so easily. They are not meant to dispose of items like cotton balls, feminine products, wet wipes, floss, or Q-tips. If you’re just now realizing that some of these items may have made their way down your toilet, don’t panic, call your local plumber to get an idea of the proper steps that need to be taken to flush or remove these objects from your plumbing pipes.

Low Flowing System

A low-flowing toilet basically means that your toilet is old and needs replacing. There should be a stamp with a date on the back of your toilet, locate the stamp and see what year it was built. If it was made in the 1990s, chances are your toilet is lacking the modern equipment needed to flush properly.

While this might not be as urgent of an issue as damaged pipes may be, it still means that that is not a permanent fix that can get rid of the problem. You may be able to wait it out longer, but eventually, you will need to invest in a new toilet.

Issue with the Sewer Line

Your sewer lines are connected to many houses across town, eventually leading to one main sewer line disposes of waste for the entire city. Anything from broken pipes to excessive buildup from tree roots anywhere throughout your neighborhood could affect the functioning of your toilet.

While it may not even be your fault as to why your toilet keeps getting clogged, nevertheless, it’s important that you contact a professional pluming service immediately to identify the location and source of the issue.

Issue with Your Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are essential to keeping your toilet from smelling after every use. Mostly used in modern plumbing systems and toilets after the 1990s, these vents are used to intake fresh air that removes odors from your toilet. Eventually, these vents can become clogged with debris like leaves and sticks that mess with the functioning of your toilet.

A clogged vent will inevitably lead to a clogged toilet, thankfully this is a common and easy issue to fix with one visit from a licensed plumber.

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