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Top 4 Issues & Repairs with Your Air Conditioning System

A professional air conditioning repair technician working on an A/C unit that will not produce cool air in Belleville, Illinois

A working air conditioning unit is essential to the comfort and functioning of your home, especially in the brutal summer heat of the Midwest. Air conditioning repair and maintenance is crucial to ensuring your unit is running smoothly. More often than not, homeowners find that a lack of maintenance to their air conditioning unit in the fall and spring months leads to common issues and sometimes, expensive repairs. If you are noticing that your A/C isn’t functioning the way it used to, here are 4 possible issues and repairs that may be the answer to your problem.

Dirty Air Filters

We are all guilty of not cleaning our air filters as often as we should. They’re easy to forget about, especially in an appliance that you don’t use every day of the year. However, dirty air filters can be more than just a nuisance. An abundance of dust and grime that builds up on these air filters eventually will have nowhere to go, clogging the internal system of your A/C unit and preventing cool air from flowing into your home. Eventually, a dirty air filter can cost you hundreds of dollars in cleaning and vent repairs that could have been prevented with routine maintenance. For expert air filter replacement, call Morrison Plumbing in Belleville, IL!

Water Leaking from Your Unit

Man in a long-sleeve button-down shirt holding his face up to a fan due to a broken air conditioning unit in Belleville, Illinois

If you notice water leaking from outside of your A/C unit, this could mean that your cooling system has a clogged drain line from dirt, dust, mold, or other debris. When your drain line is clogged, water is not able to escape naturally, forcing condensation from your A/C to leak from any openings in the bottom of your unit. If you notice that your air conditioning unit has been leaking an excessive amount of water from the base of the system, give our experts at Morrison Plumbing a call. We serve Belleville, IL, and the surrounding areas with quality and affordable air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Get a free estimate today!

Running Continuously

If your air conditioning unit is producing a fair amount of cool air but even on auto, never seems to shut off, there could be several issues that cause the high energy bills. Everything from a dirty or frozen evaporator coil to a low refrigerant charge or broken thermostat can cause your A/C to run constantly, even when the air in your home is at the right temperature. When it may seem like a constantly running A/C unit is not an immediate threat to the life of your air conditioning unit, if not taken care of soon, it can lead to much more serious and expensive repairs. For help with your A/C, trust Morrison Plumbing in Belleville, IL today.

Loud Noises

Woman hearing a loud noise from her air conditioning unit and covering her ears with a pillow in Belleville, Illinois

While you may often hear a low humming noise coming from your air conditioning unit, it should never make a loud banging or hissing noise. Anything from a refrigerant leak to an issue with your blower or motor could cause an odd noise to show up overnight. While many factors could lead to the cause of the noise, only licensed heating and air professionals will be able to tell you the exact cause of the problem. Call Morrison Plumbing in Belleville, IL at (618) 408-1446 for a quality inspection and potential air conditioning repair service.

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