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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your A/C Unit

New A/C unit for residential home in Belleville, Illinois

Summer has come in the Metro East and it’s time to bring on the A/C! After a dreadful winter along with spring, air conditioning units have been through a lot, and A/C units are now working overtime to keep your home and family cool. If you have noticed that your A/C unit isn’t performing the way it used to a week or two after turning it on, then it may be time for an upgrade.
Here are 4 signs that you need a new A/C.

Little to No Air Flow

Absent or little airflow coming from your A/C is one of the major signs that your unit needs replacing. In most cases, this could happen due to an issue with the ductwork or compressor in the core of the unit.
If it’s been more than 10 years since your central air conditioner has been updated, or is positioned in an area that can cause a frequent buildup of debris, one of the first signs your machine needs replacing is the restriction of airflow.

Odd Smells

It’s never a good sign when the air in your home contains an odd or musty smell. Years of grease and dust fumes can build in your A/C compressor, reducing the quality of airflow while giving off an unpleasant odor. However, it’s important to determine the type of smell in your home before turning it off completely.
Does it smell like something’s burning? This can be a sign of electrical shortages; in which case you should then turn off the A/C and call a professional immediately to eliminate any potentially threatening risks.
Does it smell musty? Then you probably have a pollutant in the air ducts that affects the quality of air being produced. Either way, these smells are a sure sign that your A/C needs to be replaced.

Loud Noises

Generally, A/C units are not entirely silent. If you stand close, you should be able to hear a low humming sound coming from the fan that tells homeowners their A/C is on and working. However, loud knocks and groans from within the machine are causes for concern.
It’s impossible to tell exactly what the problem is unless you take the machine apart and examine all its components, which should be done by a professional technician. Fortunately, if you noticed the noise before it gets any worse, it may be a quick, easy, and inexpensive repair.

It Won’t Turn Off

Your A/C unit should never have to run continuously to cool your home properly. It’s entirely possible that your central air conditioner is the wrong size for your home. Too many open living spaces can prevent a smaller A/C from producing enough cool air to eliminate the heat that eventually never leaves the home. If you notice your A/C is on all hours of the day, you may need to upgrade the size of your unit.


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