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Differences between a furnace and a heat pump in the Metro East

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Furnace or Heat Pump – That is the Question

When it comes to our home’s comfort systems, we may just refer to our “heating system” or “heater.” However, there are distinct differences between different types of heating systems. While this may not seem important to the average person, it is quite important, especially if you need major repairs or a system replacement. However, before either of these things can happen, you need to know the difference between furnaces and heat pumps, and you need to know how to figure out what you have, just in case. Read below for more details about how you can tell the difference!

How Does a Furnace Work?

The main difference between these two kinds of equipment has to do with how they create heat. In a traditional furnace, heat is generated by burning oil or natural gas. The combustion creates heat, which is then sent through the ventilation system and throughout your home.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?central air conditioning o'fallon il

While a furnace works by creating heat from burning fuel, a heat pump works in a very different way. Heat pumps use heat transfer technology to convert cold air to warm air. Additionally, the name “heat pump” is a little misleading. It can also double as your air conditioner in the summertime and uses the same principles to convert warm air into cold air.

Which one do I need?

When it comes to this question, only you and a qualified HVAC contractor can answer it for sure. The answer will depend on the system that’s already installed, your available fuel sources, the size of your home and more. If you don’t have natural gas lines, your best option is a heat pump as they run on electricity and require no fuel. By contrast, a furnace may be the better option if you already have gas hookups and don’t want to deal with retrofitting your home for a heat pump. Talk these options over with a local professional before making any decision.

Who do I call?

In the Metro East, there’s only one name to know for all your HVAC needs. At Morrison, we provide honest service when it comes to system replacements. Some HVAC companies will try to talk you into the most expensive option to improve their bottom line. With us, that’s never the case. You’re treated with respect, from beginning to end, by a friendly staff that has your best interest in mind. Call now to get started!

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