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What Are the Benefits of a Video Sewer Inspection Service?

Video sewer inspection service provided by a local plumbing company in Metro East, IL.

With our sewer pipes underground, they are hard to inspect for damage. Sure you can dig them up to inspect, but that will destroy your lawn and require a costly service. Video sewer line inspection services are an easier way to inspect your sewer pipes for clogs or damage. This is a quicker and affordable process that won’t disrupt your day-to-day life. At Morrison Plumbing, we have the experience and equipment to provide high-quality video sewer line services. Curious about the benefits? Continue reading to learn about the 4 benefits of hiring a video sewer inspection service and call us at (618) 408-1446 . If you are experiencing any plumbing issues.

Locate a Leak or Water Break

Sometimes the signs that there is a leak or water break in your pipes are small and go unnoticed. With your sewer line underground, it can be a challenge to know if your pipes are broken and leaking. By having a video sewer line inspection, a professional can use the camera to find the problem from the inside. This is an easier way than digging up your lawn to see the outside of the sewer line. Leaks can change the pressure of your water as well as increase your water bill. Contact us if you are experiencing any of those issues.

Eliminate Unnecessary Digging and Guessing

When looking for sewer line damage from the outside, you are playing a guessing game on where the damage is, and in the process, you are doing a lot of unnecessary digging. What you thought might be a small hole can turn into a 3-foot trench. By using a sewer line camera, a plumber can avoid the mess of digging, and find a more accurate answer to your problem. Video sewer inspections will not disrupt anything and can also be done a lot faster.

Determine Condition of Pipes

Whether you are just buying a new home or you want to know the condition of your pipe system, hiring a video sewer line inspection can give you a detailed understanding of the condition your sewer line is in. With our home plumbing out of sight, it is hard to remember that it needs maintenance and repairs just like any other part of your home. Getting a routine sewer inspection can help detect damages before they become too severe.

Reference Video

By using a sewer inspection camera, a plumber can provide you with a recording of the inner workings of your sewer system which can come in handy for insurance purposes. An inspection done from the outside of the pipes does not provide a great understanding of the real condition of your pipes. A camera can show exactly what the inside looks like, showing if there are clogs, mold, cracks, and tree roots growing inside and showing exactly where they are located. Call our plumbers today for affordable video sewer inspection services.

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