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Is My Heater Energy-Efficient?

An older couple sitting n their residential home in Columbia, IL relaxing with their newly installed furnace heater.

Your heating bill can make up a significant portion of your expenses each year. Winters can get cold in Columbia, IL each year, so it’s important to keep your home warm as efficiently as possible. Morrison Plumbing performs heater maintenance and furnace installation so that you’re getting the most out of your HVAC system when it counts. If you’re looking for ways to save on your utility bills, we can help you out.

How Energy Efficient is My Heater?

Several factors contribute to energy efficiency for HVAC systems. The first is the AFUE rating on your furnace. This number tells you how much of the energy put into the system gets sent throughout your home in the form of heat. Some older homes in Columbia, IL have heating systems with an AFUE rating of 50 or lower. This means that less than half of the energy input in these systems is generated as heat for your home.

You can check the rating by looking at your furnace or searching the model. Morrison Plumbing recommends having a heater with an efficiency rating above 80. Sometimes when you have an older unit, considering a new furnace installation could be more cost-effective than regular heater maintenance. This is because the money you save each year on your heating bills can pay for the new unit.

A professional HVAC technician checking the efficiency of a residential furnace in Columbia, IL and providing an inspection service.

Air Ducts and Piping

Your plumbing and air duct system have an impact on the energy efficiency of your furnace because a lot of heat is lost inside of your ducts or pipes before it reaches the areas of your home that you’re trying to heat. Poorly maintained duct systems can absorb heat and it’s a good idea to have plumbers inspect your piping on a routine basis.

Are Energy Efficient Furnaces Worth the Price?

Heaters carrying high-efficiency ratings indeed come with a higher price tag, but we recommend a new heater installation when your current unit is costing you more to maintain than it’s worth. Heating bills for people living in Columbia, IL can be in the thousands each year and this is primarily because they’re using older HVAC systems that waste a lot of energy. It’s definitely worth it to have your unit replaced if it’s going to reduce your monthly gas bill because, over the life of the new unit, you’re going to recoup this investment.

A one-hundred-dollar and fifty-dollar bill placed on a furnace thermostat to show expensive energy bills for a residential home in Columbia, IL.

Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air Has You Covered

Whether you’re looking for quick heater maintenance or a new, energy-efficient furnace, we’ve got you covered any day of the week. We’ve served the Columbia, IL area for over 30 years and consider each of our customers part of the family. Call us today at (618) 703-5700 to schedule an appointment.

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